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We at Heartland Interiors are all about choice. Not only do we manufacture most of our furniture here in the UK in 100% solid wood we also offer a variety of finishes, styles and ironmongery fitments.

Sadly due to the high demand for our bespoke products and finishes we are unable to discuss at great length details over the phone so would appreciate emails as a formal means of contact. We also understand how difficult it can be buying furniture online so we also offer colour samples FREE of charge because we want to get it right just as much as you do.

Handles and Fittings left right
we deal with two of the largest wholesalers of ironmongery
  • If you don’t see what you’re looking for there’s a good chance we can still help
Hand Waxed
Finishes for Pine left right
Bespoke finishes avilable in wax or lacquer so why not send us a sample for our trained furniture polishers to see?
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Finishes for Pine left right
As demand for our beautiful pine furniture continue to grow now seems the right time to offer a tough coating as an alternative to traditional waxes. Lacquered finishes are so much more versatile in busy kitchens and for modern families.
Bespoke finishes avilable in wax or lacquer so why not send us a sample for our trained furniture polishers to see?
Send us a sample
Oak Furniture
Finishes left right
We are incredibly proud of our solid European oak furniture. Like for like we are confident that there is nothing else online to compare to it
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Painted Finishes left right

Our standard colour is “Off-white which we selected from over 50 shades of "White" as we feel that it offers a reasonable blend between "Brilliant white" and "Cream".

We apply up to 5 coats for a durable and even coating of colour that is wipe-able and easy to maintain. But please remember that under all that paint is a 100% solid pine product so very occasionally signs of wood knots and timber "shakes" (although fully treated in advance and not directly visible) may cast small shadows in the light. Most companies choose to paint over M.D.F to avoid this but we refuse to work with this material on principle. Want a mixture of both wood and paint? Why not try our pine wood contrast option where any of our pine finishes are available as the featured two toned mixture. If you like you can also choose solid oak although this will cost a little extra. Simply email us for a quote.

Style Options left right
Any pine wood finish available
Most of our products are pictured in our traditional style and is offered as standard.
Howerver you can opt for our contemporary style at no additional charge simply specify your preference at the time of order.


Straight cut edges and
plain columns


Fluted columns and
routered shaped edges