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Unpainted Furniture

Solid Wood BookcasesSometimes customers want a blank canvas for them to add their own unique touches or to simply co-ordinate with existing colour schemes and decor. Although a majority of our own manufactured furniture is available in bare wood as the base price we thought it was about time we added them to our website proper. Wax them? Paint them? or Lacquer them? decide! If "made to measure" or bespoke "one off" builds  are what you are after then they too can be supplied in bare natural timber for you to get creative with. Perhaps you want your furniture in a variety of different colours or prefer a distressed shabby chic look with a weathered aged feel? Perhaps you want to fit your own selection of handles and fittings that you found online or at that antique fair? The possibilities are endless! Plus you can get that added satisfaction in saying "I did that" and wow your family and friends in the process with your truly unique furniture!



Interest Free Finance Available
Interest Free Finance Available

Interest Free Finance Available
Interest Free Finance Available